Brolis Semiconductors chosen as a case study by EIF



European Investment Fund (EIF) chose Brolis Semiconductors to illustrate fund's activities in Lithuania. The Vizbaras brothers (Brolis Semiconductors co - founders) are just three of the many entrepreneurs who have benefited from the EU support through the JEREMIE initiative which allowed LitCapital, an independent professional private equity fund management company based in Lithuania, to give them the capital needed to start-up and carry out their business idea.

In 2011, Brolis Semiconductors co - founders, convinced that their technical know-how and acquired expertise could be put to good use in their home country Lithuania, they set-up Brolis Semiconductors. They knew that bringing innovation and such a versatile product which had so many potential applications in their country would give them a chance to turn their expertise into a business. To make their project a reality they secured funding from LitCapital, supported by EIF under the JEREMIE Holding Fund Lithuania, which saw the potential of the start-up and gave the bothers financial backing and advice.