LitCapital portfolio company NNL LT took part in the project “Sėkmės mokykla“


More than 50 motivatedpupils got a chance to experience what is it like to work in their dream job.Pupil internship week is a unique initiative, part of 'Sėkmės moklykla" project. This initiative gives a chance for active and motivated pupils to try out their dream job before making the decision on future studies subject. The initiative aims to provide young people with real working experience and help them to make a decision regarding their future career. One week at a selected company allows to discover pros and cons of a particular job and gives invaluable insights into how different companies work.

Litcargo UAB, took part in the project and was pleased to help young people to learn more about logistics business.Litcargo, UAB is a subsidiary of NNL LT and is involved in transport and international logistics services. 

LitCapital is a growth capital fund, established in a cooperation with European Investment Fund in 2010 under JEREMIE initiative. Fund size is 25 million EUR and it is aimed at investing in small - medium size enterprises in Lithuania. Fund is aimed at long term investments in the authorized capital of private enterprises seeking their faster growth and expansion. Investment size into one company ranges from 2 million to 10.4 million LTL. Expected investment horizon is around 4-6 years. Thereafter the fund exits its investments by selling the shares to a strategic acquirer.

About JEREMIEbpd_save
JEREMIE (Joint European Resources for Micro to Medium Enterprises) is a joint initiative launched by the European Commission (DG Regional Policy) and the European Investment Bank group to improve access to finance for SMEs in the EU within the Structural Funds framework for the period 2007-2013. JEREMIE enables the EU Member States and Regions to put money from the structural funds and also national resources into holding funds that can finance SMEs in a flexible and innovative way. The initiative aims at developing and fostering the role of entrepreneurship within the EU in order to help structural funds to deliver greater benefits to the market. In Lithuania, JEREMIE Holding Fund is financed from the EU Structural Funds under 2007-2013 Economic Growth Operational Programme of Lithuania and is managed by the European Investment Fund.rn