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European Union funding or investments?


Historically, EU structural funds have been distributed as a non-repayable funding. However, it has changed and now funds are aimed at financial instruments more.


Investment funds support business growth in Lithuania


A number of Lithuanian companies operating in various industries such as high tech, services, manufacturing, energy and other have already attracted funding from local venture capital and private equity funds. In addition to providing capital for already established businesses, funds also have backed many young companies such as Brolis Semiconductors.


LitCapital portfolio company Eldes on a growth track – office in UK opened


Eldes, a producer of GSM remote control, security, ‘smart home’ systems and solutions, continues its international expansion. The company has opened a subsidiary in the UK. Company’s management are convinced that being close to clients will help to provide better service and boost revenues significantly.


LitCapital portfolio company Altechna organized laser workshop for students


Altechna, LitCapital portfolio company, is the leading producer and supplier of laser optics, optoelectronics and laser components in Lithuania. With Altechna Laser Workshop traineeship program for students, Altechna aims to establish a solid dialog with potential specialists.


NNL LT shared its experience of being a growth capital fund backed company


On 29th of May Danielius Merkinas, director of UAB NNL LT, participated in a conference Business Development and Financing. Private Equity organised by Verslo Žinios business newspaper. He shared company's experience in attracting investments from private equity fund.


Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Aassociation celebrates five-year anniversary


Lithuanian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LT VCA) celebrate 5th anniversary. The date is a remarkable achievement for Lithuanian private equity market and for LitCapital which is one of three founders of the Association.


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