Per Møller joins the Supervisory Board of LitCapital Fund



 Per Møller joins LitCapital Fund's Supervisory Boardrnas a new member starting from September 2013.


Per Møller is currently working as a privaterninvestor (Business Angel), investing primarily as a minority stakeholder inrnstart-ups and early phase entrepreneurial ventures.

Prior to joining the supervisory board Per Møller worked from 2009 to 2012 as the CEO of Ernst & Young Denmark. From 2002, hernserved as Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Baltic States and held various regional positions within Ernst & Young, mainly in the areas of HR.

Per Møller started his career with Arthur Andersenrnin Denmark in 1988 and moved to Vilnius in 1992. In 1999 he became the ManagingrnPartner of Arthur Andersen in the Baltic's.

As a professional Per Møller has worked mainly in the areas of Transaction Advisory and Restructuring.

LitCapital is arngrowth capital fund, established in cooperation with European Investment Fundrnin 2010 under JEREMIE initiative. Fund size is 25 million EUR and it is aimedrnat investing in small - medium size enterprises in Lithuania. Fund is aimed atrnlong term investments in the authorized capital of private enterprises seekingrntheir faster growth and expansion. Investment size into one company ranges fromrn1 million to 3 million EUR.