LcX Opportunity

We invest to drive growth and change

LcX Opportunity Fund

The Fund size is EUR 35 million. Investment size per company varies between EUR 2-4 mil. We can provide a combination of fresh equity, full or partial buy-out, use leverage financing, make cross-border transactions. The main strategy of the fund is growth investments. Investment horizon is between 3 to 5 years.

Key Principles

We create and implement sound business expansion plan for each company;

We streamline business model in all companies. Here is a big value potential;

We use our extensive business network across Nordics and Baltics;

We actively work as Board members in all companies we invest into;

We pay our attention to the appropriate companies' capital structure and efficient working capital management;

We add value from our industry experts;

We are long term investors and we don't chase short term effects.

Formal Criteria

Small and medium enterprises;

We invest in company expansion through the issue of new shares;

Investment size per company - EUR 2-4 M;

Investment horizon - 3-5 years;

Fund doesn't invest in agricultural businesses or socially irresponsible sectors (e.g. alcohol industry or gambling);

Qualitative Criteria

Clear and proven business concept;

Professional and reliable team of executives;

Well-grounded and professional business expansion plan;

Clear and well-grounded investment need;

Clear possibility to sell the business after 3-5 years;