LitCapital led the investment round in an electric powertrains designer and manufacturer Elinta Motors

VILNIUS, Lithuania (7 November, 2022) — LitCapital, a growth capital fund focusing on investments in high-growth enterprises, invested in Elinta Motors, which designs, develops, and manufactures turn-key powertrain components and battery systems for commercial vehicles.

Using their extensive background in engineering and electronics, ELINTA began working on the development of e-mobility solutions for electric vehicles in 2010, with the first prototypes of electric trucks introduced a few years later. In 2017, after receiving a positive response from the market participants, ELINTA transferred the invention’s intellectual property rights (IPRs) to the newly created company - ELINTA MOTORS. Ever since its inception, ELINTA MOTORS has been developing and improving its electric mobility offerings, not only enhancing the power and range but also showing extraordinary attention to the durability of its products. ELINTA MOTORS growth will be accelerated by the investment, which will further strengthen its position as an EV powertrain provider across multiple markets along with improving its current manufacturing capabilities.

“We believe that electric mobility is the way of the future, and the electric vehicles market offers plenty of opportunities for further developments and growth. By partnering up with our investors and making use of their knowledge and expertise in enterprise growth we’ll be able to further scale up the production and develop new products” said Laurynas Jokužis, CEO of ELINTA MOTORS.

Šarūnas Šiugžda, Founder and Managing Partner at LitCapital, commented: “The engineering talent of the ELINTA MOTORS and the innovative solutions that they have created astounded us from the very start. Furthermore, the increasing prominence of Electric Vehicles and the overall shift in mobility markets toward renewable energy have also played a key role in LitCapital’s decision to invest. We believe that the market is going to grow further and become more mature, with ELINTA MOTORS being positioned to utilize this opportunity to the fullest”.

ELINTA MOTORS is planning to triple its revenue in 2022 while at the same time maintaining a healthy double-digit EBITDA margin. Attracted funding will be invested in R&D, efficiency improvement solutions, and capacity expansion. The company has an ambitious business growth plan with the aim to become the market leader in selected market segments in the coming years.

Law Firm TGS Baltic advised the Investors and Trinity Jurex advised the Company during the investment process.


ELINTA MOTORS have been working since 2017 to design cost-effective, all-in-house-built, electric drive-train solutions for commercial vehicles to achieve high reliability and efficiency. Today with more than 15.000.000 kilometers covered by 400+ vehicles on roads in Europe – ELINTA MOTORS are confident of their technology reliability while delivering best-in-class performance.

About LitCapital

Founded in 2010, LitCapital is a leading dedicated growth capital investor that invests in the development and growth phases of technologically enabled and advanced companies. LitCapital supports entrepreneurs and management teams with not only financial resources, but also expertise and strategic guidance in areas, such as top talent attraction, strategy and business model development, finance, sales, and add-on acquisitions. LitCapital raised its first fund in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF), and the successor LcX Opportunity Fund is backed by INVEGA, along with local pension funds, family offices and high-net-worth private investors.

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