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Elinta Charge designs and manufactures an entire electric vehicle charging ecosystem, including chargers, software, and invoicing. The company specializes in the manufacture of AC chargers, as well as the resale and installation of DC chargers. City Charge V2, the company's main product, combines durable and high-quality components with a futuristic appearance.

Elinta Motors designs, develops and produces drivetrain components and battery systems for e-mobility for commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.). With all in-house development including motors, motor controllers, battery management systems, various modules and software, EC retrofits commercial vehicles by replacing traditional, combustion engine drive systems with systems based on electric mobility.

Altechna develops and provides complex technological solutions and custom designs for laser optics and motorized optomechanical assemblies in laser applications for leading industrial, security, sensing, aerospace, and academic customers across the globe.

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